Another black dude bites the dust

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My friends and fellow music lovers, I come before you with a heavy heart to report that one, Gary Lee “LeRoi” Moore, passed away yesterday afternoon after some complications related to an ATV accident.   Hey!!  Stop snickering!!

Yeah, I don’t know what those complications are since neither Dave or Stefan has returned my calls.  I mean, is that any way to treat a college roommate?

Who is LeRoi Moore?  Duh, the kick-ass sax player for Dave Matthews.  Where have you been?

I know it’s not a very entertaining post or anything and for that I’m sorry.  I just don’t understand why all these talented niggers keep croaking.  I mean he was on an ATV on his FARM?  He owned a fucking farm?  Are we sure he’s black?  I didn’t think they were allowed to own property.  Shouldn’t he be out doing drugs or shooting someone instead of riding a four-wheeler?  Oh well, but just another trio of black, uh…artists, we all know what’s coming next.

Yes, that’s right Carter Beuford, watch your back nigga.  Cuz if you don’t, you’re next.

RIP, little confused black farmer.

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