Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones #2 Mini Review

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It is hard starting off reading this series with issue 2, even with the recap given at the beginning I had a hard time jumping into what was going on. However, once I got past the first few pages where it jumped to the back story of the title character things started to get interesting. The Servant of the Bones grew up a Jewish boy in Babylon who falls into worshiping some of the Babylonian gods. His parents don’t worry too much thinking he’ll come back around but then one of those gods starts talking to him and hanging out with him as he cruises around town. This ends up upsetting everyone and he has to be punished so of course the punishment is being coated in molten gold, although the gold is really just warm and cozy as it goes on. End issue two.

I am guessing in issue 3 we’ll see what becomes of him and how he is transformed into the immortal servant of the bones. The story the comic is based on was written by Anne Rice and reading more about what the novel was about has peaked my interest in the comic more than just reading it with no history.

The artwork is well detailed although it did remind me of the animated movie Prince of Egypt from a few years back (the characters appear to have the same hair) although it might just be the religious nature of the story that brings that to mind. I found it entertaining and am curious how the Jewish boy in ancient Babylon ends up in a modern day cabin with a dead girls teacher, oh, did I forget to mention that part? Like I said jumping in at issue 2 has its disadvantages. I would recommend picking up number 1 and 2, it’s bound to make much more sense.



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