Animucast #8 – Supa Numba One!

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I was going to open with a “Happy Thursday”, but then I realized that Yash used that a few weeks ago… plus there’s no such thing. Thursdays freaking suck. A lot.

However, if we here at Animucast LLC can brighten your day with our little corner of geekdom, then our job is done. So listen in as Stella Wong, Yash, and king talk about the latest and greatest in anime, manga, and everything else otaku-related. We answer listener questions, make fun of king’s tastes, and just have a good time… and isn’t that what it’s all about?


  • OP: Kemuri: Ato-Ichinen
  • BGM: Gundam Unicorn OST
  • ED: Milktub – Baka Go Home!

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[gplayer href=”″]Animucast #8 – Implying Implications[/gplayer]

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