Animucast #4 – Toradorable

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Happy Thursday everybody! One more day until the end of week and another fine episode of Animucast for your listening pleasure! This week we answer your questions and discuss our impressions of the shows out this far in the new season of Anime!

As always King3vbo salivates at loli’s, Stella has faint heart attacks from all the cute shows, and Yashoki continues to wish shows that he just doesn’t get(They’re deep, man). So once again we ask you to sit a while and listen.

You can this hit Link to see the list we refer to when talking about this season’s anime. Per usual Yashoki failed and was looking at the Version 2 of this list so you may have to skip around.

What we discuss: Chu-bra Dance In the Vampire Bund Qwazer (poopie) Michiko to Hatchin again Yashoki doesnt get it King isnt as cool as Stella or Yash Yashoki is a spitter And much more


  • OP: Pre-Parade – Kugimiya Rie & Kitamura Eri & Horie Yui (Toradora)
  • BGM: Toradora OST
  • ED: Orange – Kugimiya Rie & Horie Yui & Kitamura Eri (Toradora)

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