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Animucast #16 – Implying Implications

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What’s that? I think it’s Animucast episode 16 around the bend! Yes sir and you’re more than welcome to listen to this goulash of non-pretentious talk about anime, manga, and all things related.

To change things up a bit, we have our very own king3vbo (a.k.a ME) taking over hosting and I think he did a pretty damn good job, don’t you? We get into your twitter questions and Evan discusses why we have no community questions from our friends at Destructoid. Then it’s time for news! Where we talk about Cthulhu lollies, Funimation’s censorship, and boobs. This week’s show of the season is Ookami-san and the Seven Companions and then…we start talking about implied rape. Afterward, it’s the usual recommendations and our bybee’s!


  • Opening – Giant Killing OP
  • BGM – Samurai Champloo
  • Ending – Tommy February6 – Lonely and Gorgeous

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