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Animucast #1 – You Asked For It

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You’ve asked for it so we’ve giving it to you! In an effort to let old man Hitogoroshi go to bed at a decent time Yashoki in his infinite wisdom (read: Taco Stash) has convinced King3vbo, Necros, and community guest JohnnyViral to join in on Failcast’s first ever separate Animucast! If you’ve ever heard Failcast you would know that we do a episode of Animucast every few months as the new season of Anime begins all the way in war-torn Japan. We hope to make this a more frequent Animucast but that all depends on you, dear listeners.

Give our new production a listen, let us know what you like, don’t like (saying Yashoki doesn’t count), what you would like to hear more of, and we’ll do our best to craft the best show available. If you don’t care much for Anime, go ahead and skip it. Just know that every time you deny Animucast a listen you kill a little starving Mexican child.

If you decide to listen to Animucast and wish to follow along here are the guides we will be using. We don’t discuss every show, so keep on your toes!

Summer 2009

Fall 2009

Background Music

  • Perfect world – Rocky Chack (Spice and wolf)
  • Tokyo Night – Utada Hikaru
  • Livremente Omoidoori ni – Muramatsu Ken (Kurenai)
  • Timing! Shiawase no Timing – Muramatsu Ken (Kurenai)
  • Orange – Kugimiya Rie & Horie Yui & Kitamura Eri (Toradora)
  • Je t’aime Je t’aime – Tommy February6
  • Giri Giri Surfrider(Half rider remix) – Halcali
  • Everlasting Love – Alisa (Katamari)
  • Shin Ai – Mizuki Nana (White Album Part 1)
  • Janne Da Arc – Dolls

Please visit our original post for the true Animucast experience.

Contact us!

E-Mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @Animucast
Chat: IRC Room
Phone: (503) 897-7663, that’s (503)897-7MOE

If those aren’t enough options for you, there’s always the comments section of this post if you’re listening on the site, and we always welcome feedback from our iTunes listeners.

[gplayer href=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/watchplayread.com/animucast/Failcast_presents_-_Animucast_Episode_1.mp3″]Animucast #1: You Asked For It[/gplayer]

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