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Anime Reviews: Toradora Premium Boxset

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Toradora is one of those shows that I will champion for a long time, and with good reason. The perfect blend of comedy and romance makes it a must see for even the most discerning of anime fans, and the incredible American boxset releases are even a greater incentive to purchase this fantastic series. I picked up both of these premium boxsets, which are part of NIS America’s first wave of localized anime for the States, and I must say that NIS America really hit the ball out of the park on this two volume boxset.

Each set comes in a hardcover box with art from the show printed on them. The boxes are very high quality and provide ample storage for the goodies inside. Each volume contains 2 DVDs, for a total of 13 episodes per boxset, and each DVD has its own thinpack case. The series is not dubbed in English, there is only the original Japanese voice track with subtitles. Some might find this a turnoff, but I think NIS America made a great choice here. The original voicework in Toradora is fantastic, especially Rie Kugimiya as Taiga, and I believe that the show must be seen as it was originally intended. The subtitles are clean and easy to read, and the translation is very well done.

The DVDs also contain a small amount of extras: Each set has textless opening and endings, textless “music videos”, which are basically subtitle-less sections of the show that featured a song, and 2 shorts that are pretty funny to fans of the series. The real winner in the extras, though, is the art and story book that comes with each set. The book contains art, interviews with the staff and cast, and interesting insights into the production of the series. Organized as a sequential walkthrough each episode, the book also has synopsis, character relation charts, and all kinds of extra goodies for the hardcore fans. NIS America outdid themselves with this artbook, which usually is the least interesting part of a premium boxset.

My final verdict? This is a boxset that must be picked up. As I said in my initial review of Toradora, this is a show that has something for everyone. The DVD release is very high quality, and if NIS America can continue to release high quality sets like Toradora, then I look forward to what they have for us in the future.

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