Alan Smithee

Android’s Market Share is Nearly Double That of Apple’s iOS

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If you read enough reports on the state of the industry, any industry really, you can always find fun ways to skew the data into something that makes for great trolling material…and sadly, the same is true in this report.

We all know that Android is an insanely popular platform for mobile phone makers and tablet PC creators to use as the glue to all of their systems’ varied hardware and as a decent operating system, but people sometimes take things a bit too far. It’s true that the Android OS is enjoying a good year at 36% of the market (up 9.6% from last quarter) but the misnomer here is that they took that 9.6% from Apple. That’s simply not the case.

Apple themselves saw a rise in their percentage of the market share as they went from 15.3% up to 18.8%…which tells me that they’re doing JUST fine. Not Android fine, but just dandy.

I only wonder which sad companies freed up the 14% that got allocated to the two big guns in the market.


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