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And Now, The Winners of our VIP Star Trek Into Darkness Contest! [EXPANDED WINNERS LIST UPDATE!]

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This was not easy.


This was actually one of the hardest contests I’ve had to referee. So many entries were heartfelt, funny and the effort by you guys was astounding! In the end, after spending an ungodly amount of hours keeping my main spreadsheet updated daily (What? I’m a nerd, remember?) and then having to narrow down the 10 finalist was no easy task. In the end, it came down to effort put in and who best embodied the spirit of the contest being fans of Star Trek and that relationship they have with their special guest coming with them.

UPDATE! I’ve been given a thumbs up to add SEVEN MORE WINNERS to our original list! Check your emails!


Tyler Foster

Jade Grout

Jennifer McLendon

Kristi Herwarth

Caity Anderson-Patterson & Katherine A. Kicinski (Both great separate entries but wanted to take each other so this is a combined win for them)

Acacia Goodwin

Anthony Minsent

Tom Caster

Makio Pastolero

AJ Raven


Note: I’m really short on time so I’m just trying to get the names up that were used when you submitted, please check your email so you can give me more detailed info! You will not actually be on the VIP list until you respond to the email I sent to you!

Keaton Slansky

Tenea Coleman

Amanda Holbrook

Chloe Palka

Megan Worthen

Candice Kim

Brian T (You emailed your submission)

All winners have been notified and told what is the next step they have to do before the event. If you’re a winner and haven’t been checking your email, you might want to check it!

I sincerely wish I had more tickets to give away, so many of you commented/emailed some great stories and entries into the contest. It was so hard for me that at one point I had to step away because I couldn’t decide who to keep in the final slots and it was breaking my heart. I took this just as seriously as the amazing entries that were sent my way, you guys are awesome, I just wish I had more to give away!

This is just the beginning of what we’re hoping to start doing at WPR, keep your eyes peeled for the next big contest!

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