Ryan Thomason

And a Million Star Wars Fans Needed a Change of Pants

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Do you think Black Friday is for chumps who like to get cold standing in line at a big box store to have to fight over discounted products with a mass of moms trying to save a buck? Dark Horse has a better idea for you.

What is it? Well, do you like Star Wars? Do you like Comics? Would you want 134 single issue Star Wars Comics?

If you’re already getting your wallet out, and logging onto the Digital Comics Store over at Dark Horse remember that this is only going to be $100. Yup, only $100 for 134 comic books (Saves you $166 space bucks). This sale will only be for 24 hours and starts at midnight on November 25th! But you don’t have to stay up late to get it, since it’s you know, DIGITAL. Just remember to pull that post it note off your forehead when you wake up in the morning telling you to buy this set.

May the Force be with you.

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