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An Interview With Steven Shrewsbury

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The author was kind enough to have a conversation about his latest book Thrall (Published by Seventh Star Press) check out what he had to say!

WPR) Where did the idea for Gorias la Gaul come from?

SS) The name Gorias came from the weapon of Celtic god Lugh of the Shining Spear. I liked the name and the rest rolled out, although it sounds French, it isn’t. Also, an ancient ballad that speaks of two very sharp swords from a Lord, the aged warrior stepped into my mind, fully formed, with a dash of John Wayne I think.

WPR) You’ve published quite a few other books, what makes you such a
fan for Horror?

SS) As a child I adored Howard, but also Asimov, Bradbury and Heinlein. The older I became and had my heart tripped form my chest a few times, i realized life is pretty horrific. As far as the realism of violence in horror in my fantasy tales, I guess that’s how i like to tell them. I’m not a huge fan of SAW films or untlra gory stuff. That surprises some folks.

WPR) Everyone wants to be published, what was getting your first book
published like?

SS) CHRISTMAS! It’s a stunning thing to see words you wrote and put together on a printed page, bound. Seeing THRALL in hardback, good night, the words escape me.

WPR) Is there any future for the characters you created in Thrall?

SS) Sure, and a past as well.

WPR) Are we going to see young man Gorias creating the legend he came
out to be then? Or just the ‘Old Man’ kicking some butt before the
adventure that took place in Thrall?

SS) In time, both. I have many tales about Gorias, enough to fill a collection, through various parts of his life. Plus, the new book takes place a ways before THRALL. And yes, we’ll see what happens after THRALL in time.

WPR) Seriously Man, the ending in Thrall, Why did you have to screw
with me like that?

SS) It wasn’t an exercise in evil thoughts, just how it all played out. Gorais will return however.

WPR) What are you currently working on?

SS) A prequel and sequel story lines for THRALL plus another horror-western.

WPR) Horror-Western? What can you tell us about it?

SS) That new book is another tale about a one armed Confederate, Joel Stuart. He appears in a Lovecraftian-horror/western called LAST MAN SCREAMING that Bad Moon Books just accepted this week. BMB will pub LMS in 2012 as well as my other horror western HELL BILLY. I’m telling tales about Joel Stuart out of sequence. He appears as a spirit in my book STRONGER THAN DEATH (out from Snuff Books) and in BAD MAGICK (along side Aleister Crowley in 1901 El Paso from Bloodlettings Cargo Cult line). I penned BM with Nate Southard (RED SKY, HE STEPPED THROUGH).

WPR) Was there anything you wanted to put into Thrall but had to edit it out?

SS) There were a few older tales I wanted to include but in time, they will see the light of day.

WPR) There are slight biblical references in Thrall, what made you tie
that into the world they lived in?

SS) I think most fantasy realms are just cloudy views of the Earth anyways. The pre-flood times are still misty and that seemed like a good spot to set a raunchy fantasy story. Nobody else really does that and I’m a savant of those types of times & tales.

WPR) Are you doing any book signings or anything of the sort so fans
can meet you?

SS) Getting a few signings arranged, but i will be at a few Cons this summer, HYPERICON in Nashville for one, probably DRAGON CON and CONTEXT later in the summer or fall.

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