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An Interview with Amber Stevens from ABC Familys ‘Greek’

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I got the opportunity to have a little talk with someone who I think you all will be hearing about very soon. One of my favorite actors on Greek, Amber Stevens just got on your map, you’re welcome guys. Now remember who introduced you to her first. Oh, and she’s got a connection to the new Spiderman movie, so yeah, we love her even more now.

WPR) What has it been like for you working on Greek?
A dream. We’re a family. We work well together, everyone is talented and fun. Every moment was a pleasure!

WPR) Is sorority life something you wanted to (or took) part of before?
If I had gone to a university I probably would have looked into it. If I had found a great group of girls I clicked with I most likely would have joined. Unfortunately, or fortunately I don’t know, I was only a part-time student at a community college trying to start my acting career. I didn’t have the option to be in one. I booked Greek while still in college so, I just got to do it on TV instead! I had lots of friends who went straight to a university out of high-school who joined the Greek system, so I just lived vicariously through them. I got to be a date to a couple frat parties too!

WPR) Ashleigh seems to be floating around this season, can we expect some big decisions from her that will put her on more solid ground?
Absolutely. She’s finally out of college so she needs to pick up her pace and figure out where she’s headed. She’ll make some big discoveries about herself along the way but she finds her footing.

WPR) Has there been an episode that you wish you could redo over and again for the fun of it?
The carnival episode way back was a blast! We had the Plain White T’s there performing their latest songs, a ferris wheel and lots of carnival games. It was such a fun day, it felt like a real carnival. My best friend, Ashley, actually visited me on set that day and I had her ride the ferris wheel during shooting. If you look real close you might see her riding in the background!

WPR) How much of Ashleigh do you find in yourself after playing the character all these years?
Ashleigh always had a little Amber in her. All her joyfulness came through me. I really was just having a good time at work! She’s a good listener, a good friend and a great party planner. I’d like to think I’m those things as well…I sure do love to throw a party! Her indecisiveness and difficulties dating good men haven’t rubbed off on me…yet!!

WPR) Are you doing anything outside of Greek for your fans to catch you?
I just did a guest-star on Grey’s Anatomy that aired in early January. I also did a guest-star on the new show Friends With Benefits for NBC and I’m currently working on the new Spiderman movie!

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