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An in-depth look at Torchwood: Miracle Day

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If you aren’t waiting in high anticipation, than perhaps a 11 minute preview of the new Starz incarnation of Torchwood: Miracle Day might help!

First a continued primer for the series, just in case you have never heard of it….

Torchwood, is an anagram for Doctor Who. The Torchwood Institute was established by Queen Victoria in 1879, after an encounter with the time traveling Doctor, of Doctor Who fame. The Queen saw a potential threat from extraterrestrials, and their potential manipulation of mankind and human history. All extraterrestrials were the target of Torchwood, including the now infamous Doctor.

Torchwood is a secret organization that operates outside of the law. All laws. And just the merest mention of the name grants passage into nearly ever secure investigation. During the raids of World War II, a time traveling agent encountered the Doctor. Harkness, who was masquerading as Captain Jack Harkness, a US volenteer with the RAF, has a strange encounter with the TARDIS, and now… can’t die. Ever.

When Harkness became aligned with the Torchwood institue, he shifted much of it’s focus away from the doctor, towards protecting the Earth. Harkness has a dark heart, and a singular resolve. But his nature is interesting. Being from the future, he is beyond out dated thoughts of heterosexuality or homosexuality. He will nail anything that moves. And does.

The Torchwood series started when Police Constable Gwen Cooper happened upon Torchwood conducting an investigation into a gruesome death. Witnessing the use of alien technology to momentarily revive the slain victim, Cooper starts her own investigation into Torchwoods Cardiff (Whales) location. When she finds all that she needs, she is asked to join their team. That’s where the Torchwood series begins.

Over the course of 3 seasons, and 32 episodes, Torchwood became notable for it’s edgier take on the Doctor Who universe. Unafraid to use sex and violence, Torchwood especially gained notoriety for it’s 5 episode 3rd season miniseries, Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Children of Earth focused on an alien presence coming to earth, claiming that in exchange for 10% of each nations children, the aliens (known as the 456) would not destroy all of humanity. The 456 had visited earth before, and in exchange for 12 children, they gave a cure for the Indonesian Flu, which could have killed 25 Million.  The 456 use powers to control children, freezing them in their tracks, and making them all chant in unison, “We are coming.”

It was a great series, very dark and very Torchwood. But excellently produced. When Starz announced that they have bought the series, I jumped for joy. Starz, with good money backing has been known for producing excellent television series, such as Spartacus and Camelot.

Below, you will find the 11 minute Starz Studio’s behind the scenes of the creation of Torchwood: Miracle Day. Hopefully it is enough to wet your whistle, and get you tuning in on July 8th.

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