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An eBook Deal You Can’t Pass Up!

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In a nutshell, you have your three basic types of fantasy books, Young Adult (YA), Heroic Fantasy (Tons of action, singular character) and Epic Fantasy (Huge worlds, races,lore) Seventh Star press has a awesome eBook deal if you want to break into their titles in any of those three areas.

Since this week is the launch of Jackie Gamber’s Redheart (Author Interview/book review coming) from now until Mid-June you can get the mentioned Redheart, Thrall (read my Review of Thrall, and Interview with author Steven Shrewsbury) Exodus Gate, and Crown of Vengeance (WPR Interview with author Stephen Zimmer, book review coming) for a measly $1.99 on your Kindle or Nook device. I’ll be honest in saying that while you are missing out on the amazing quality of book that is in the print, the digital versions don’t lose the amazing stories contained within. You might as well get in on this publishers titles while they are cheap, because from just the two I’ve read, these books/authors are on the brink of breaking out. When they do, expect to be paying more. All eBook titles include the Matthew Perry illustrations that are in the print editions. When your’re done reading the ‘book ones’ in the series you pick, Seventh Star Press is offering the available ‘book twos’ for only $2.99

Get these now, because I guarantee you you’ll be kicking yourself if you pass this deal up, Seventh Star Press has been building an amazing team of writers, and well the high quality books speak for themselves.

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