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American Dad Christmas Special – Review

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Seeing how we only have at the most, one more Sunday before X-Mas arrives, all of the Animation Domination series (Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad, The Simpsons) have been buring off all of their festive holiday episodes like no other.

It’s no surprise really since they wanted to get them all out before people are set in their ways when it comes to the holiday season, meaning spending more time with their families and presents instead of lulling themselves to sleep on Fox’s 2 hours of animation. This weekend had perhaps one of the best pieces of X-Mas animation that I’ve ever seen and perhaps one of the biggest premises to keep me coming back each year…which is hard for me to say because it used to be Futurama and The Simpsons that held such close places in my heart. Now it’s all about American Dad.

No seriously, in this 6th Season, they’ve come into their own, especially this episode titled “For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls” which begins the Smith’s new tradition of having an all out war against Santa and his elves.

Rather than me trying to give you the play by play for this episode, let me give you a brief synopsis:

In this episode we find Francine struggling to find a new family X-Mas tradition, while Stan is planning on getting Steve his first gun for X-Mas. Upon receiving his new gun, Stan and Steve go target shooting and end up shooting what they think to be a mall Santa. The family chooses to bury the body in the woods without telling anyone about the murder. Later, they all receive I Know What You Did Last Summer letters all threatening them. The go to check the body and find out it’s missing.

Turns out it was the real St. Nick and now he has a vendetta against the Smith family. Meanwhile Roger is on a quest to find stronger liquor due to store brands not being able to get him drunk anymore…don’t worry it all ties together in the end. So Roger hunts down a Moonshiner in the hills of Langley Falls who shows him how to make some of the best white lightning money can’t buy (we also meet a new character, Bob-Todd, whom I hope returns for many many seasons).

Hoping to escape the wraith of Santa Claus, the Smiths hide out at the Moonshiner’s property (see told ya it tied together) and all seems well until they see the sleighs and reindeer bringing in a full attack on the compound. Turns out Jeff (Hailey’s now husband) told Santa where to find them, and the only option open to the Smith family is to have an all out war against the forces of X-Mas.

The battle that rages on through a good portion of the show’s 30-minute block is for a lack of better words, epic. Seeing elves being slaughtered by the dozens was magnificient for this X-Mas Humbug, and the fact that Santa wanted a blood vendetta against one family was even better. I think by far the best thing about this episode wasn’t the completely off-the-fucking-wall plot, but the dialogue which has been so spot on this season. When Steve asks Stan, “Is it weird that I have an erection right now?” during the firefight was worth a chuckle, but Stan replying “It’d be strange if you didn’t!” just had me rolling.

This episode beat anything The Simpsons had to offer (besides the Katy Perry dirty joke), and blew Family Guy right out of the water…and don’t even get me started on The Cleveland show’s double episode extravaganza last week. I think Seth needs to be careful that he doesn’t promote American Dad above Family Guy because honestly, I see American Dad at the top of the McFarlane 3 right now. Good stuff man, can’t wait to see next year’s episode.

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