Ryan Thomason

AMD 8.429 Gigahertz “Bulldozer” Processor Chip

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8.429 Gigahertz? Holy Crap. With a huge catch though.

It took LIQUID NITROGEN AND HELIUM to keep it cool enough from the super overclocking that was being done to get such a speed out of the processor. Really what is the point of pushing to that kind of extreme when you have to use some of the coldest substances that man plays with to keep it from melting. Yeah, it sounds cool to have that fast of a processor, but it’s useless since we’re probably never going to have personal computers with liquid nitrogen piping through them keeping the systems from becoming hunks of plastic.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this type of overclocking and playing with technology moves us closer to the singularity, I can’t see it though. It just seems like a useless effort to me if you have to go to such extremes to keep the thing from breaking and it really has no applicable uses.


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