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AMC Splitting Mad Men’s Final Season

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In a move that they claim to be responsible for how many people watched the mid-season premiere of Breaking Bad, AMC has decided to split the final season of their smash hit Mad Men into two seasons over a year’s time.

Mad Men Season 7

I enjoy Mad Men and have watched quite a few episodes, but I haven’t had the energy or time to emotionally devote myself to another one of AMC’s great shows…which is why I’m not completely beside myself with the news of how they’re going to treat the fans of this show.

The president of AMC has said:

“This approach has worked well for many programs across multiple networks, and, most recently for us with Breaking Bad which attracted nearly double the number of viewers to its second half premiere than had watched any previous episode.

We are determined to bring Mad Men a similar showcase. In an era where high-end content is savored and analyzed, and catch-up time is used well to drive back to live events, we believe this is the best way to release the now 14 episodes than remain of this iconic series.”

So essentially you’re going to get the beginning of the final season in the spring of 2014 and then will have to wait a full year before getting the last half in spring 2015. I don’t want to hear any complaining, you man up with your geekness and deal with it. It’s not the end of the world.

Oh, did I fail to mention that they’re extending the season by one full episode so they can have an even split of shows for each of the springtime seasons? I guess if you have to find a silver lining in each cloud, there it is. It may be the final season but you’re at least getting one more than you had planned… right?

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