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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Advance Screening for Seattle and Portland

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

WHEN: Wednesday, April 30th @ 7pm
WHERE: Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon
HOW TO GET IN: Simply click on the link under your city to enter into the Sweepstakes! Winners will be drawn on Monday, April 28th!

If you want a VIP PRIZE PACK we have ONE for each city! (2 RSVP tickets to the screening and movie promo t-shirts) Simply go to our Facebook Page or to the comments below and leave a picture of you posing with your best *THWIP* pose! If you need explanation on how to pose for shooting spidey web, you probably shouldn’t enter this way. Also, if you’re wearing a mask, have a piece of paper in the picture with your name written on it to prove it is actually you and not something you Googled. We’ll pick the one we like the best or looks like they’re having the most fun! VIP Winners will be picked and notified Monday, April 28th.


**Winners will be chosen on 4/28


**Winners will be chosen on 4/28

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