AM2Con unveils their new mascot and he/she is fricken adorable!

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AM2 Con which stands for Animation, Manga, and Music has just released pictures of their adorable little mascot for Summer 2011.

Nyanchala or Nyan-Chan for short draws inspiration from the Maneki Neko dolls (the little dudes who always have one paw up in the air) which is said to bring good luck to its owner.

“we believe that Nyanchala/Nyan-Chan is truly representative for our event and will bring a great experience for our attendees, exhibitors, participants,staff and volunteers” – Chase Wang

I’m not going to lie and say I’ve ever heard of AM2Con and I can’t say that I’m especially excited for it since information on guests and panels are pretty scarce at the moment, one thing to note is how they’re handling passes. To attend the con you will pay a kingly sum of zero dollars and zero cents, thats right kids, free. This comes with a slight catch, what you do pay for are the individual events. Don’t like cosplay? Dont go. Love karaokee? Kick ’em a few bucks and you’re in. If that doesn’t sparkle your interest I don’t know what will.

AM2Con takes place July 1-3 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. Hit the link below to check out their site. [AM2 Con]

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