Always bet on Apogee: Legacy Store Opened

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Apogee Software just opened their legacy store today and are offering some Duke, Black Stone and Rise Of The Triads for your digital pleasures. Digital River are behind the store, who have also provided storefronts for the likes of THQ, Capcom and EA. The store is small right now and contains the same Apogee content that can be found on Good Old Games but hey, variety is the spice of life right? Here’s what you can get;

Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition – $5.99
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project – $5.99
Rise Of The Triad: Dark War – $5.99
Blake Stone: Aliens Of Gold – $5.99
Blake Stone: Planet Strike – $5.99

If you really have a thing for Apogee games then you can pick up all of those titles in a bundle too for $19.99 to make a $10 saving. Go on, relive the glory days you master race lovers.

Source: Apogee

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