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Almost a Month Later, PSN is back!

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The PlayStation Network is back and hungry for users. The catch is that a new firmware is necessary to get back on.

As of a few hours ago, PSN service had been restored to most of North America (including Puerto Rico) following a gigantic 22 day lapse in service.

Considering I don’t play much multiplayer nor do I pay for the service, I have been relatively MEH about the whole ordeal though I’m sure there are tons of you that have felt the sting of reduced entertainment.

After downloading the new firmware (version 3.61), you will be required to change your account password before you’ll be back in business.

Apparently there’s a shit-ton of information available through the PlayStation Blog, which I suggest you go and read before attempting to restart your services, but until you have the time or energy to do that, watch the following video from Kazuo Hirai explaining what happened.

What do you think? Is his video apology and explanation enough for all of you?

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