Allison and Her Music #0 (the introduction)

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The Sabo’s have always been surrounded with pop culture.  Growing up there was rarely a Sunday that went by where we didn’t pull out the TV trays and eat dinner while watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, the Simpsons and King of the Hill.  Birthday from the Beatles White Album awakened us on our special day.  I still eagerly await the phone call from my dad on my birthday because my day isn’t complete unless he plays this song for me.  As a family, hours were spent at Media Play, Circuit City and more recently Best Buy.  On Friday and Saturday nights I often find myself at the University location of Gray Whale thumbing through used CDs and DVDs to add to my already vast collection.  

The Game started when I was about 11 or 12.  My dad purchased Time Life Sounds of the 70s, the decade in which he grew up and when music greatly influenced his life.  The newest CD would show up in the mail.  I awaited his arrival home from work and after dinner we would put the newest disc into the six CD changer.  I would hold the case and album art and he would guess the name of the song and artist.  If it was a Beatles song he named the song, album and side.  The only hint allowed was the initials of the band.  Growing older and making connections with band names and album titles and song lyrics we were able to expand The Game.  My dad has satellite television.  It has so many music channels that we can play The Game for hours but now I can sneak in a couple guesses on classic rock and we’ve added my music.  Once I was trying one of my dad’s songs.  He gave me the band hint of RS but I still couldn’t get it.  Half way through the song he told me that it was the Rolling Stones (facepalm).  The Stones are now called the RS’s.  

My father’s love of good music has rubbed off on me.  I know good music when I hear it and experience it.  That is why I’m going to choose an album from my collection, listen to it and write my impressions about it for this grand website.  It could be an album I purchased when I was 16 or it could be an album I got for free.  It could be an album that I haven’t listened to in years or it could be my current “can’tgetenoughof” album.  It could be a WTF album that I purchased on a whim.  You will read my thoughts, impressions, experiences and opinions on any particular album in my collection.  

Please share your informed opinion with me.  I love to hear/read them.  

Thus begins Allison and Her Music.

I will finish this post with my favorite song of all time from my favorite album of all time.


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