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All You People Bitching About New IPs, Quit It!

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The President of EA Games, Frank Gibeau has stated that we could see as many as nine new IPs released within the next 3 years. That’s 2-3 each year for those of you that are horrible at math. I know that it’s not nearly enough new content to make all of the gamers who have lost faith in console gaming with all of their “boring sequels” talk, but for the few of us that relish the time we get to spend gaming, it’s great.

From the interview with Gamasutra:

“It’s hard to forecast, but I think we’re probably looking at two to three new IPs a year…We’re looking at a three-year SKU plan right now. Between EAP and our internal studios, both of which are in our group, I can safely say it’s at least two to three new IPs.”

He stated in the interview that there were mistakes on how EA handled its other IPs last year.

“I think we launched too many new IPs all at once in Q3…I would have spread them out and found better windows for them…We didn’t have enough assets to really build the fanbase, build the community, and get that long lead demand built.”

After all gamers, video games are a business and a serious one at that. Games don’t fail because of them not being any fun, or too short…they fail because of the lack of marketing.

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