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All Caught Up – Justified

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JustifiedPeer pressure is a mother effer. I had zero inclination to watch this series on FX until a few friends of mine twisted my arm.

39+ episodes later and many many marathon sessions with my favoritest TV watching buddy (my wife), I’m glad to say that I’m caught up and current with the show. For those not in the know, the show follows the life and times of Deputy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens, a quickdrawing Kentucky native gunslinger who wears a cowboy hat.

Why You Should Watch

There are multiple reasons since I started with this show as to why you might also enjoy this spectacular show.

First up, there’s gunplay in nearly every damn episode. You think I’m kidding, but Raylan has a body count that rivals that of any Arnold or Stallone action flick. One episode in particular had him shooting someone THROUGH the body of another person he just shot. Timothy Olyphant is a complete badass as Raylan and not too hard on the eyes either, I know that I find him quite charming and I’m straight, so I can’t imagine what he does to the male-attracted world.

Second, there’s not just what I like to call ‘freak-of-the-week’ storytelling here meaning that you don’t get just Raylan and the Marshall Service chasing a fugitive each week, there’s some episodes like that, but they usually tie into later episodes. There is generally an arc for each season that is tied up in a bow by season finale, they’ve been really good about not leaving you with horrible cliffhangers like some other FX network shows *cough*SOA*cough*.

Third and finally would have to be the acting. There isn’t a bad character or actor on the entire show. Whether it be Walton Goggins playing Moriarty to Olyphant’s Sherlock, or the entire Bennett gang in Harlan Kentucky with their poisoned moonshine and lucrative weed business…the charm just rolls off each well though up character. I’m not kidding when I say that I was glued to the TV for each episode.

Now that season four has started and I think my DVR caught episode 3 or 4 last night, I’ll be bringing you a recap and a completely spoileriffic discussion of what I thought or think might be happening so keep checking back here at WPR for more!

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