Aliens vs Predator DLC being worked on before game’s release

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I don’t have a problem with DLC in particular. It’s great that games can be supported with downloadable content to extend their lifespans later after their releases. From personal experience I can speak for it with the likes of the GTA IV Episodes (which were more fun than the actual game) and of course without DLC, there wouldn’t be over 1000 songs available download for my precious  Rock Band. I also have no problem with Xenomorphs or Predators. Sure, Xenomorphs might like to plant facehuggers in you and Predators might like to rip out your spine and skull as prizes but even so, they are pretty damn cool. However, I do have a problem with Rebellion announcing that they are already in the working stages of DLC for the upcoming return of the Aliens vs Predator series. The game hasn’t even been released yet but according to an interview with CVG, Rebellion are “in the phase where we enter submissions.” Now unless this DLC is released at least a few months after the game, then it really should be content in the game, not DLC. Using a hackjob excuse like “We’ve got a lot of ideas that even with the budget and time we had,  we’d still like to do more of or revisit. ” just doesn’t cut it. It’s funny that they mention the budget as I  imagine given that this is being worked on by Fox and Sega and is based off two very popular sci-fi franchises, it would be pretty high. I’m still looking forward to the game, but I’m a little disappointed that DLC is already being spoked about before the game’s release.

Source: CVG

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