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Aliens: Colonial Marines Arrives Next Spring

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You can’t swing a dead cat within the WPR office without hitting an Aliens fan. We love this series and were devastated when this project seemed like it was hitting development hell, but we’re glad to find out from Sega and Randy Pitchford that the game is planning on releasing next spring.

The popular developer Gearbox have been busy, but they’ve been busy making what we think are amazing games. Borderlands was a smash hit with the staff and there are a good five or six of us who are planning on getting Duke Nukem Forever on the launch day. We love this company’s products…so you can only imagine how thrilled we are to know that the game based in the Aliens universe is so close to coming out.

Yes, close…a year in game wait is only like 3 months to the normal person. The trailer below might be a bit hammy in the way the dialogue is given, but still awesome regardless.


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