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Why Alien: Isolation is a Game I Will Never Play

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Alien Isolation

Today, Alien: Isolation is being released that merely from its commercial, has got me saying ‘nope’ about as loud as I can internally. I’ll tell you why.

At its beginnings, Alien was quite possibly one of the scariest movies for its time. I unfortunately had parents who didn’t really care about what I watched as a kid leading to me staying up all hours of the night on the weekends and during the summer consuming their (and my grandparents’) premium cable channels. In short I was able to watch a movie that way waaaaaay beyond my comprehension at an early age. It scarred me for life.

I say that not as a boohoo, feel bad for me, but I can honestly say that’s one of the few movies that made me ever feel spooked to the point where I’d check windows and doors before going to bed. Alien for all intents and purposes is still one of the best thriller science fiction movies ever made, with a close second going to Event Horizon (I’d say The Thing, but I don’t see that as Sci-Fi).

So Alien was pretty damn scary to me as a kid, then Aliens came out and it became an action movie with a couple of jump scares, which was still damn good just not scary anymore…except for that one scene where Bishop is crawling in the tube that still makes me feel claustrophobic.

So back to the topic at hand, Alien: Isolation. You assume the role of Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda as she sets out on an investigation into why and where her mother disappeared. On her journey she is transferred to a space station named Sevastopol to find the flight recorder of the mining ship Nostromo…where it’s revealed that there is a xenomorph there.

I’m not new to the survival horror genre, and this game looks absolutely gorgeous and faithful to the series’ canon, but I could not handle the being stalked aspect. I understand the gameplay, and it does look like it’d be a damn fine experience, but I think that my nerves would be so fried by the end of the experience that I’d have a hard time sleeping. I spook way too easily I guess.

Anyways, if you’re picking this game up, let us know what you think or if you think it’d be funny to have me playing and commenting on a YouTube how freaked out I really am. Ugh, it just creeps me the hell out how smart they’ve made the alien.

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