Ryan Wilson

Alice: Madness Returns Coming in June

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EA revealed today at the Game Developers Conference today that the sequel to American McGee’s Alice will be released on June 14th.
While more recent gamers may remember American McGee for the universally panned Bad Day L.A. or the underwhelming Scrapland, he proved his abilities with an amazing twisted follow-up to Lewis Carrol’s novel Through the Looking-Glass. Instead of the carefree Alice of the books, we’ve got a mentally unstable Alice who witnessed her own parents’ demise. Alice: Madness Returns takes place 11 years (both in timeline and release schedule) after the original game, and Alice hasn’t gotten any saner.

Can American McGee capture the magic that made Alice so great. We’ll know for sure on June 14th, when it is released for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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