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Ali G is Back!

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Sacha Baron Cohen is going to be bringing back the character that I first saw him play and I’m already giggling.


Ali G: Rezurection is a series coming to the channel FXX (the comedy oriented channel spawned by FX) as repackaging of the HBO series and British shows with an introduction by Mr. G himself before each show. No word yet on if the horrible movie will be brought in as well.

While Cohen made it big with Borat (the character from Da Ali G Show) and to a lesser extent Bruno (same), The Dictator fell flat with the audience who had grown tired of the reality-esque movies. It felt much like it was the same thing over and over again. Don’t get your hopes up though, I sincerely doubt that you’ll see any new characters that will get a new movie for each person Mr. Cohen creates. Respek.

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