Alex Winter Receives Finished Bill And Ted 3 Script

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It looks like the inane ramblings of Keanu Reeves weren’t just that. Bill and Ted 3 is happening. Alex Winter was asked on Twitter about the script for the third film supposedly only being 6 weeks away from completion. Well, Winter replied by saying that he just got the script and is reading it. Bear in mind it was only 20 days ago when Keanu had said the script was in progress, which means the pre-production is ahead of schedule. Of course I assume that Winter still has to approve of the project after reading the script, but all of the main parties (Winter, Reeves, and Bill and Ted writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon) have expressed an interest in making a third film in the past, so it seems pretty certain that it will happen.

As we said last time and in the comments, we’re still not sure if we want this. We already mentioned that since George Carlin is dead that it severely ruins any chance of Rufus appearing in anything other than a young form and some of us simply think that Reeves and Winter are just too damn old to reprise these roles now. I mean, Keanu drinks from the Fountain Of Youth but to use an example, look at Wayne’s World. There’s been two one off shorts in recent years and while they were awesome and Mike Myers pulled it off still, Dana Carvey looked old as shit. Even if there was a hypothetical Wayne’s World 3 and it was good, it would still look weird with the same actors and the same would be the case for Bill and Ted 3. You can’t blame us for being apprehensive though, given that everything from the 80s and 90s seems to be getting cynically rebooted or returned to.

Source: Slashfilm

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