Sarah Eitelberg

Alex + Ada #3

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Story By: Jonathan Luna Sarah Vaughn

Art By: Jonathan Luna

Published: Image Comics

Price: 2.99$

Release Date: January 15th, 2014

Robots are cool, there’s no denying it. Everybody likes robots, and androids are even cooler. A robot that looks like a person, usually a very attractive person, and pretty much follows all your commands (thanks second law of robotics). But would having a hot android babe really be all sexy lingerie and pillow fights?

Alex’s reaction to owning a lovely android lady is more realistic than most people might admit too. More of a Golden Retriever than a sexbot, Ada is willing to do anything, and everything for her “owner.” Which makes Alex insanely uncomfortable, as it would me too.  Unable to bring himself to return her, Alex seeks out a way to help Ada become more human, or at least able to make a decision for herself.

Jonathan, and Sarah created a world that they just show you glimpses of. There’s no sprawling cityscape, or what the “not so distance future” world even looks like. Just Alex, Ada and this dark past of android violence. Which, I’m really hoping is reveled more in the upcoming issues. While this comic isn’t very action packed, it does very subtly, hook it’s claws in you. Before you know it you’re at the last panel and you’re still full of questions. What’s up with the Androids? Where is Alex going to get his answers from? When is the next issue coming out?! All will (hopefully) be revealed soon, friend.


5 out of 5 AI’s.


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