Alan Wake has online petition, the internet facepalms

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You’ve got the touch!!! But not the POOOOWAAAAHHH

It seems like this is becoming a trend. Any popular game coming out that pisses off a small contingent of fans, automatically gets an online petition. We know those always work right? Well this time it’s the german website, who believes online petitions work. They are both parts begging and demanding Microsoft to make their horror/survival game, Alan Wake a PC game again, instead of a 360 exclusive. Their reasoning? Halo 1. Interested? Read on.

We, your most loyal fans of Alan Wake and Remedy, don’t want Microsoft Game Studios history to repeat. Halo 1 was originally announced as a PC title, went to being an Xbox exclusive and finally came out more than a year later on PC. Not only did it far worse with critics because of a bad port, very few actually even cared about it anymore. Alan Wake deserves to have a different fate! It lies in your hands! Don’t disappoint your customers around the world! — Alan Wake Online Petition

Why does this sound like Alan Wake’s platform of choice determines the fate of the world? Seriously people, it’s not THAT big of a deal.

It was supposed to be one of the first titles to fully utilise DirectX 10. Note: Xbox 360 is based on a modified version of DirectX 9.0c….Up until July 2009 Microsoft and Remedy insisted that Alan Wake would appear on Xbox 360 as well as on PC when it launches in spring 2010. The platforms and the date were confirmed just a month earlier at E3. In July 2009 though, Microsoft apparently changed its mind and a PC version of Alan Wake is now all of a sudden up in the air.

Wow, can someone call the waaahmbulance? Talk about some crying fanboys. Microsoft has the right to change their mind about the game details anytime they want.
And I hardly think a petition with, as of the time of this post, 4800 signatures, will change their mind. We’ve all seen how successful previous internet petitions have been, ask Blizzard or Valve about that. So on behalf of the internet:

When one facepalm isn't enough


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