Alan Smithee

Al Williamson Passes Away at 79

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hard to believe that this artwork is nearly half a century old eh?

I’ve been kinda bummed about the passing of Frank Frazetta which happened a little while ago…only to find out today that Al Williamson has also passed away. Yes, I do see the giant question marks over your guys’ heads, but bear with me for a minute.

I would hope that some of you younger blog readers would have a clue as to who Al was, but if you really need some hand holding, he was a damned talented graphic artist who would be best known among guys like us as the man who inked the first few issues of the King Features Syndicate version of Flash Gordon. Oh, and he was involved in many of the comic adaptations of the Star Wars universe.

Yep, another stunningly good artist is lost to time. If you guys have a few moments today, check out some of the art the guy put out over the years and be impressed and saddened that we lost another ‘good one’.

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