Alan Smithee

Akira Live Action Film Gets Direction

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I’m not entirely sure why Akira needs a live action movie made by Hollywood, the manga and 1982 animated film were quite enough to satisfy me. But at least they’re attaching some cool names to this project.

Two of the writers from Iron Man are set to pen the script, and the Hughes brothers (Dead Presidents, Menace II Society, The Book of Eli) are attached as directors…at least for the first film. That’s right, Hollywood has decided to split the story up into two sections, I just wonder how they will do the epic manga justice.

The most surprising news about this to me, is that Leonardo DiCaprio is attached as the producer. I can only hope that they decide to bring along Katsuhiro Otomo to help explain things to the rest of the staff who probably never watched the original.

There’s also rumor that the entire cast will be Japanese. I sincerely doubt they’d ever greenlight something like that, unless they can find a role for Will Smith or his son…maybe Jackie Chan?

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