James Helsby

Akira just got a much much much better chance for success

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Perhaps the best bit of news I have heard about Akira thus far. There is speculation abound that none other than Gary Oldman might sign on for the role of the Colonel. This is most definately good news.

A confession. I love Gary Oldman. Not like that. Just love what he does. When he acts, he does it very well.

It all started for me with Fifth Element (one of my favorite movies of all time) Oldman played Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg. And did a great job at it. But it wasn’t until I watched Fifth Element, that I realized how many times before I have been blown away by his acting… Dracula in the  1992 Copola film. Oswald in the 1991 JFK film. Sid Vicious in Sid and Nancy. He has the chops. And as Jim Gordon in the Batman series, he nailed it. And lets not even talk about his part in Harry potter as Sirius Black.

Akira needs a few strong actors to fill in the roles. It is a character driven story, that largely follows 5 characters. Tetsuo, Kaneda, The Colonel, Kei, The Doctor, and Roy. Akira the character only has a minor role, despite his name being the headliner.

With Garrett Hedlund rumored to fill the part of Kaneda (the lead), and now Oldman as The Colonel, there are only 3 main parts left to be filled.

/voting for Cillian Murphy for the part of Tetsuo…. oh please, oh please. That would be an excellent choice.



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