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Airline to Gamer: “Fuck Yo Xbox!”

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What did the five fingers say to the face? SLLLLAAAAPPP! Ah comedy in the early 21st century. CHARLIE MURPHY!!! DARKNESSS!!!

When I used to go on family road trips, especially the ones to visit relatives, I would bring along my NES and a good handful of games to keep me from bashing my head against the wall in sheer boredom. Considering that my NES is still chilling in my basement and is still working after 20 years, the current generation is much more feeble compared to the hearty cart based systems.

This was a road trip, if we ever flew anywhere, I’d still make sure to bring it but I’d surround it in my luggage with clothes and pillows to prevent damage…still works after all of these years. Too bad I can’t say the same for one of the readers of the Consumerist who had his Xbox 360 taken through the nine levels of hell before arriving at his destination.

“I was flying out of Logan Airport and I checked my Xbox 360 in my baggage. The agent assured me that there would be no problem with it. When I got home my I found that they had put a little ziploc bag on top of my things, and the bag was filled with tiny metal components that used to be in the Xbox. It’s broken now and they’re telling me tough luck.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d be fucking pissed if all they told me was “tough luck”. I’d be on the phone to their corporate headquarters in a flash. Sad thing is that the guy will probably never see a replacement Xbox, or money to help him replace it, due to the insane amounts of rights we sign away by buying a plane ticket. All I can say is…sucks to be you man, should have packed a NES with Super Mario 3.

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