Ryan Thomason

Air Force Mystery Plane Going Back Into Space

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Time to spin the conspiracy theory wheel again.

A small prototype unmanned space plane that the US Air Force is hoping to launch Friday from Cape Canaveral in Florida is all good for launch. The first X-37B returned to Earth in December after finishing its 225-day journey. That mission, too, was classified and the military said little other than that it was ‘pleased as punch’ with the results.

Nobody except for those in the know with the Military even know what the hell this project is all about.

On Wednesday, the Union of Concerned Scientists, which obviously has been critical of the program, croaking from behind their peakers and chalk boards, registering a public complaint about the vehicle’s practical use.

“Because of its weight and relative lack of maneuverability, the space plane is not well-suited for a number of missions,” wrote Laura Grego, a scientist with the group’s Global Security Program “For example, it would have a harder time carrying payloads into orbit, maneuvering in space, rendezvousing with satellites, and releasing multiple payloads. Yes, the space plane may offer more flexibility and is potentially reusable, but that comes at a very high price compared with the alternatives. We have not seen an analysis that shows why it is worth that high price.”

She continued as she kept fussing about the Military not giving her that super cool grant.

In its most recent statement, the Air Force said that the program was designed to test reusable technologies for future American space exploration as well as for “operating experiments” which researchers can later examine back on Earth.

I love this kind of stuff, and speculating what is going on, so lets all put on our tinfoil hats and find out what’s really going on here!

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