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Better than this.

I’m no Weeaboo, but back in the day I loved me some Dragonball Z. I’m sure there are better anime out there but all it needed to keep me hooked as a kid was likeable characters, huge explosions and crazy fights (which the preparation for would often take an episode alone). While the most likely god awful film adaptation comes out this year, it seems that karma has struck for the Dragonball Z fans who are willing to tolerate this mess in the form of a redone Dragonball Z, now in HD and in proper widescreen. I’m 10 days late with this story but my UK Editor Gandysampras insisted I post a story about it. From what the translation on the site source says, these are the facts:

  • The DBZ TV series is receiving an extensive “refresh” for Japanese television airing
  • This is a celebration of the 20th anniversary of DBZ
  • While based on the original animation production, it is being updated with new technology
  • This includes extending the frames for formatting on an HD 16:9 display (note: not cropping the image)
  • The original Japanese cast is re-grouping to re-voice the show (where available, and unfortunately not including those that have passed on, such as Hirotaka Suzuoki [Tenshinhan])
  • Sound effects are being updated
  • Unlike the general show, the OPs and EDs are being completely redone
  • While not in the above announcement, other reports are noting that the number of episodes is being reduced from 291 to approximately 100
  • This begins 05 April 2009 @ 9 am

It all sounds good and I’m looking forward to NOT torrenting this from Japan.  A reduced number of episodes may seem bad but you have to remember that there was a lot of filler and AHHHHHHHHHHH epsiodes in DBZ. As for Gandy, well he’s wanking off  already. The only negative? You can guarantee there will be a new youtube meme by the end of the first episode.


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