Aha! Steve Coogan reveals plans for an feature-length Alan Partridge (Shortblog)

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This won’t mean a lot to most of our American readers, to our British readers who are fans of comedy, this is pretty good news. Comedian Steve Coogan stopped by at Radio 1 this weekend an in an interview with Edith Bowman, possibly to plug Night At The Museum 2 (which he plays a role in), the question was brought up of whether if he would do an Alan Partridge film. Coogan’s response was “Yeah, we are planning on making a movie. We’re talking at the moment. What it is we’re not quite sure. But yes, there are plans afoot to make a film.As soon as I read that I shit bricks and came. I’m Alan Partridge is one of my favourite British comedies of all time, a series which follows a cynical, luckless presenter who is trying to reclaim his place in entertainment as he is surrounded by who he feels are idiots. If you’ve never seen it, the two series of the comedy are pretty cheap and you should definitely pick them up if you like dark and cynical humour. Now on the one hand it could be a disaster, since it’s generally hard to transfer a TV show to  a movie but just the fact that we know that Coogan is at least thinking about making more stuff involving Alan Partridge is something to be excited about. You gave us a second series, so giving us more would be great Mr.Coogan.

Source: Slashfilm

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