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Age of Dragons – Trailer

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I chew your scenery! I chew it up!!

There are usually problems with movies that cite specifically what piece of classic literature they have based their movie on…take for instance the trailer below for Age of Dragons (formerly Dragon Fire).

Right in the damn trailer they say something along the lines of “Herman Melville’s Moby Dick told like never before”, I wouldn’t doubt that…considering that Queequeg and Ahab are in the same body…and there’s a chance of tits. Things that I never remember from the fabulous novel by Mr. Melville.

Say what you will, and I know that I’m just piling on with this posts, but all kidding aside…I’m actually looking forward to this movie, and I’ll give you 2 reasons. First, Vinnie Jones makes any movie better. Second, it’s being directed by Ryan Little, who also made Saints and Soldiers (a pretty decent World War 2 movie).

Until I see more, consider me interested.

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