Ryan Wilson

Age of Conan Switches to Free-To-Play Model Tomorrow Today

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Crom must be looking fondly at us, because Age of Conan will finally be free-to-play tomorrow!

Age of Conan: Unchained (formerly known as Age of Conan: Unrated) gives those not willing to throw down a monthly subscription a chance to explore the world of Hyboria (albeit somewhat limited). Much of the subscription content can be purchased a la carte, using a virtual currency known as Funcom points. For a complete list of limitations between free and premium accounts, check here

Funcom also gave us a sneak overview of what to expect in the near future of Age of Conan. These changes include the House of Crom dungeon, Tier 4 raids, a PVP server upgrade, bug fixes, and tech optimization.

So what say you, readers? Are you willing to give it a shot now that it’s free-to-play?

[UPDATE: Funcom’s Senior Assistant Community Manager confirmed via forum that the free-to-play switch is actually happening TODAY, and that current server downtime is in preparation for this.]

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