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After Your Avengers Geek Out, Remember Saturday is Free Comic Book Day

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It’s almost like Avengers is casting a shadow over one of the biggest days of the year for comic books, well, people that are broke like me and want a free sampling. May 4th, Avengers movie, May 5th FREE COMIC BOOK DAY

The first week of May is free comic book day, and if you don’t know where the hell your local comic book store is, I suggest you check HERE (put in your zip code on the left sidebar button)

I can already tell that the GOLD comics will once again all be gone by the time I get there, since I’m banned from driving (not kidding) and have to wait for my Wife to get up (Saturday is her sleep in day, which she takes full advantage of). Then there are the kids. Yes, I’m not a comic books guy, never have been, but I’d like to be. I still try my hardest to get my kids to enjoy them whenever I can, especially when it’s free.

Really, I’m more excited to pick up some stuff for my kids, especially my 4 year old son, who’s been showing great interest in the last couple of weeks in my “old comics”. Or the ones I allow him to read from my “collection”. Why did I put that in quotes? My comic book collection is a pile of crap. It’s an assortment of free comics I got last year, stuff that has been sent to WPR for review purposes and well, the you can count on two hands amount of comics I’ve bought over the last couple of years when I ass myself to get into a comic book store. What’s my boy reading? Ultimate Spider Man collection, Muhammad Ali VS Superman graphic novel, New Avengers, Transformers, X-Men First Class and Atomic Robo. He’s still learning to read, but just watching him sitting there looking at the pictures makes me smile.

Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m smiling because he’s being quiet for 20 minutes.

The comics I’ll be crossing my fingers are still around when I show up after everything has been picked through are: MOUSE GUARD LABYRINTH & MORE, ATOMIC ROBO & FRIENDS, BAD MEDICINE #1, DINOSAURS VERSUS ALIENS, VOLTRON FORCE SHELTER FROM THE STORM. I’ve read that there is supposed to be a Serenity/Firefly comic available too, though it’s not showing up on the main FCBD website. Yes, some of those comics are obviously ones that are more for my kids. Every parent knows that if you really want to get something that your wife isn’t totally for, you get your kids damn excited about it and let them break down the walls for you.

I’m smart like that.

Except that I wrote down my plan on the internet and put it on a place where my wife is 99% sure to read it.


Here is the complete “official” list of comics that should be available at your local participating shops.

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