Alan Smithee

Advertising a Tragedy

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By now, you’ve all seen the news stories of Clay Duke and the attempted murder of a half-dozen bureaucrats on a Floriday school council, but there’s been some significant things that I’ve seen happen to think that there’s something more malicious going on.

I’m all for a good conspiracy theory, especially the really wacky ones, and trust me, this one is just wacky enough to be believable. So here goes nothing, I think that there’s something screwy about the fact that the day after Mr. Duke paints a giant V for Velveeta sign on the wall at a school shooting that Amazon just happens to lower it’s prices on its copies of the V for Vendetta film.

The next thing that bugged me about this whole travesty is that the lady who tried to disarm Clay Duke with only her purse. In an interview that I heard this week, they asked her what she had planned if that didn’t work, and she said (I’m paraphrasing here) that “There was no Plan B because I’m not smarter than the average bear.” Hmmm, this reminds me. Isn’t there a movie coming out soon that features a certain brown bear that is teamed up with a lighter colored bear? What’s the name of it? Oh yeah, Yogi Bear. Am I crazy for thinking that this can only hope sell tickets to Ackroyd/Timberlake children’s movie?

I’m not saying that they’re tied together into some sort of crazy viral marketing campaign, and I’m sure that Mr. Duke’s wife isn’t going to see one penny from the studio that put out V for Vendetta, but it’s just creepy that there seems to be marketing going on during an attempted murder.

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