Ryan Thomason

Adventures of Eric and Goosh: Priorities

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What happens when Goosh is the only person who can save the world from a rogue asteroid?

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Goosh, wearing a space flight suit as he was the only man sitting in the cockpit of Refurbished US Space Shuttle that was careening through space between Earth and the Moon, after having just left Earths atmosphere two hours before. He looked out at his destination, a large asteroid that was coming head on toward him. A long tail of rock and debris arcing behind the massive asteroid. A asteroid that would spell the end of mankind.

Goosh toggled the mic in his helmet “Nasa Home, this is Goosh, requesting to speak with Eric, if the pussy is still there.”

Goosh heard a loud sigh into his ear bud. “I’m here. Thanks for the love.”

Pressing some buttons, Goosh looked at some of the meters on the center console for a brief second, then leaned back in his chair. “Is it done?”

Again, another sigh into Goosh’s earbud. “It is not.”

Goosh slammed his a balled, gloved fist on the armrest of his chair, his teeth flashing with anger as words spewed out. “Getting Aerosmith to play “I don’t wanna miss a thing” isn’t a hard request, since I’m, oh, saving the world!

Back at mission control, Eric hung his head down as he was putting his weight on his outstretched arms. He was hovering over the microphone. “They couldn’t make it in time, I got Elijah Wo…”


Eric sighed as he waved off Elijah Wood from the Mission Control room. “Goosh, this isn’t a movie, we can’t give you a big live musical send off how you want it on this short a notice.”

The voice of Goosh crackled over the loudspeakers, one last time. “Then this planet isn’t worth saving.” and the stunned to silence room just listened as static took over the air, Eric shouting into the microphone. They lost contact with the Shuttle, watching it crash into the asteroid, it’s payload to blow the asteroid into pieces never detonating.

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