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Adventures of Eric and Goosh: FancyPants, Part 2

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The stunning conclusion to the story that has been the talk of the whole internet, (on the moon). Read Part 1 to get caught up on the story thus far.

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Eric turned into the driveway and immediately stopped his car, put it into park and then turned off the ignition.

“Seriously, Goosh, what the hell?” He muttered to himself as he opened his driver side door.

Immediately a young man, perhaps not even in his teens, wearing a nicely pressed suit came running over, and closed the door for Eric.

“Thanks? Weird kid in a suit? What is Goosh up to?” Eric asked the boy, who couldn’t find himself making eye contact with Eric

“His Lordship is inside, in the…the…” The kid kept stammering as he squeaked out his words. Eric sighed and made his way to the front door. The front door, which was opened by another young man that only clicked his heels together and nodded to Eric as the man passed by and entered the house.

“GOOSH!” Eric shouted as he stepped onto the small patch of title in the entryway.

Immediately a boy approached him, stern of face, his hair was slicked back, his black suit looked constricting and solid as if the fabric was made of stone. “His Lordship demands quiet.” The boy growled.

Eric stared at the boy, who looked to be no older than 16, “Seriously kid, does your mom know you’re here playing to the fantasy of some moron?”

Glancing around, the kid pulled Eric to the side. “Hey, I just want to go to England alright, he said that whoever did the best in this new Servants School would join him in England, and live in his awesome castle!”

“Seriously?” Was all Eric could ask.

The kid’s face looked like he’d eaten something sour. “He lied didn’t he?” The boy asked.

All Eric could do is deeply sigh again, as he pushed past the kid and started walking down the hallway toward their living room. He heard the front door open, some faint cursing, and the door slamming shut.

“Keep it down! Your Lordship requires a peaceful atmosphere, now where…” Goosh then noticed Eric. “Eric my good fellow! Welcome!”

Looking around , Eric counted some two more boys dressed in suits and three girls dressed as housemaids, his nostrils couldn’t help but smell something delicious coming from the kitchen, the bubbling from pots, and furious chopping noises from a knife overtaking his senses.

All eyes were on Eric as he dropped his backpack on the ground. “He’s not British, doesn’t have a Castle, and thinks he’s Royalty because he watches Downton Abbey.”

“Heyyyyyy.” Was all Goosh could stammer out as the kids, in various stages of anger left the house, some housemaid threw an empty tea pot at Goosh. When the front door slammed shut again did Goosh pipe up to explain himself.

“Kids are so stupid and gullible.” He grinned as he tipped his top hat forward a little on his head, at least he had pants on.

Eric chuckled but was then interrupted by a loud shout from the kitchen

“The five course dinner is ready for service!”

Eric and Goosh looked at each other, Goosh stood up and put a monocle in one eye, gesturing his friend toward the kitchen table.

Eric could only shrug his shoulders and moved to sit down, “Can’t turn down a dinner.” Was all he could say.

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