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Adventure Time’s latest episode, Betty, is all kinds of awesome

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Betty Title Card Adventure Time - Design and color by Derek Ballard

Betty Title Card Adventure Time – Design and color by Derek Ballard

Betty warms even the frostiest of hearts. Simon’s frantic and desperate attempt to have one last moment with his true love shows that beneath Ice King is a honest and totally sane man.

SimonThis episode shows how love is such a powerful force.

Bella Noche is brought into the land of Ooo by some dubious wizards. What they don’t know is that Bella Noche is a being of anti-magic and sucks the magic out of everything. Even the enchantwd crown that has prolonged the life of Ice King has now left his body to start to die. With the help of Marceline and her stuffed Hambone doll he opens a portal to the past. We find out why Betty never came back to Simon, she jumped through the portal to see him in the “future”. Betty is pretty awesome in her own right. Immediately jumping to saving the day and doing anything she can to save Simon.

Even if that means reactivating his crown.

Betty Simon Adventure time

Betty does in fact save the day, but just as quickly as Simon came back. So does Ice King. As he tells an imprisoned Muscle Princess the story of the lady that saved the day. When the episode closes with Betty on the flying carpet watching Ice King through a window. I can’t wait to see what her character does in the future. If she will team up with Marceline or Princess Bubblegum. There will be more Betty in the future. But will that mean no more Ice King? Can we live in a Ooo with no Ice King? That would be totally butts.

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