Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time: You Made Me!, Mini-Review

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Earl of Lemongrab is the most annoying, creepy character on Adventure Time and I love him.

I’ll be keeping this review short, not because I didn’t like the episode. It’s just that it’s more worth watching than I can describe. What’s going on? Earl Lemongrab is being a creepy Sleep-Peeper. Standing in peoples bedrooms watching them sleep because he has no subjects to rule over himself. Though, the irony of the situation is that there are two bananas that watch monitors of everyone sleeping that first caught on to this. It doesn’t have to make sense, but all the candy people in the room failing about the monitors was a great scene.

So, after Lemongrab is confronted by Princess Bubblegum, who has a much “older” looking hairstyle now, he said he’s the Earl of Nothing, so PB tries to get some people from the candy kingdom to join the Earl, when nobody volunteers, the Pup Gang says they’ll do it for money. Shenanigans unfold, much screaming, yelling, and annoying noises endless flow from Lemongrab, all of which were delightful for me. Even him torturing the Pub Gang because they don’t meet his standards was good fun. Eventually Finn, Jake and PB try to put an end to it, Finn absorbs a blow from Lemongrabs Sound Sword, which is awesome as he uses it shrilling all crazy. Suddenly, a second Lemongrab appears, resulting in the two patting eachother for a long time. Good thing PB can make candy people in 30 seconds. She must have the powers of a god, because you can only get so far with SCIENCE!

Just watch the damn episode people.


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