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Adventure Time ‘Wizard Battle’ – Mini Review

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In order to preserve the sanctity of Princess Bubblegum’s lips from Ice King winning the contest, Finn will do the impossible. Break into a Wizard Battle Royale and win it for a smooch on the lips. You know, not because he really likes her, but to stop a cheating Ice King.

We start out with Finn very excited to be witnessing Wizard Battle in a giant, pretty much empty stadium. Jake is sleeping because Finn

“Made us get here six hours early, ya dork.”

As Jake so put it. Naturally he found a hotdog under himself and was happy.

Next we get the Wizard of Ceremony, who is HUUUGE started talking and dispensed the rules.

“You may only use spells from the 8 schools of magic, No Science! Science Whyzard! No Weapons! Weaponhead!”

And the Wiz of Ceremony had a tiny kitten that kept walking around on his hat. It was good stuff.


The meat of the episode was the wizard battle in itself, which I’d rather you just watched instead of spoiling most of it. Yes, in the end, you want to give Finn a high five and yes, at the very, very end, you can’t help but bust out laughing at the final joke before the episode cuts out.

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