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Adventure Time With Fiona and Cake – Mini Review

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The parallel universe episodes delivers more than just Fiona and Cake, it’s filled with a whole bunch of awesomeness.

Part of the fun of this episode was looking for the gender counterparts of the show. Pretty much everyone got a little bit of time in this alter universe of World of Ooo. The main draw was Prince Gumball (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris) and Fiona (I liked her bunny ear hat as opposed to Finn’s bear ear hat) who does spur some of those…slightly dirty thoughts in the back of my mind with the thigh highs. Seriously, what guy didn’t get a little. “hmmm” Until you had to remember that Finn is 13, which means she is 13. Unless you’re Anime.

Regardless, we get Ice Queen breaking up the fun with Fiona and Gumball, and we get some funny lines like the “Ice Queen, why are you always predatoring on dudes!” that just had that Adventure Time touch.

Without spoiling too much of this episode, which was incredibly great, we get Fiona and Gumball working on their relationship to the point of her going as his girlfriend to the ball. The real greatness of the episode was when they finally started talking about the most beautiful man alive. Everyone get’s the big dreamy eyes as they start talking about him, even Gumballs horse, who can’t talk, comes onto the screen and just stomps a hoof a bunch of times. When we cut to the closing, and the great punchline of the episode, I almost wanted to do a slow clap.

Except that it was 3am in the morning, and I was changing a urine soaked diaper. My baby daughters, not my own. This season Adventure Time has really upped their game. Ever since Comic Con and the subsequent release of the toy line at Toys R Us, the show has just been outstanding with an exception to one episode this year where the animation quality seemed to take a noticeable dip.

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