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Adventure Time: What Was Missing – Mini Review

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One of the “lost episodes” when my DVR went to crap. Ohhhhh boy was I super mad after finally being able to watch this episode three weeks late.

Not at the episode mind you, which was really beautiful. A Door Lord is on the lose, stealing from Jake, Finn, and even Beemo’s controller before tossing a door into the air and escaping through it. I loved Beemo’s reaction the most, it’s just funny.

As Jake and Finn chase the Door Lord, who keeps stealing from people of Ooo as he enters each new door, passing(and stealing from) Marceline and Princess Bubblegum in the process until he tosses up a huge door that can’t be opened. The archway of the door glistens with the words; This door shall yield to no command save for a song from a genuine bande.

So, Jake plays a Violin, Finn beatboxes, PB goes techno with Beemo and Marceline shreds on her bass axe singing “I’m Just Your Problem”. Which really sounded pretty good to me, I was just sitting there as awestruck as the crew was when it panned to them.


Not to spoil too much, but Finn figures out how the door works, and sings a great song himself. I saved the episode and let my 4 year old boy watch it, he loved the whole thing and really if you have someone who’s skeptical about the show, tell them to watch this episode.

Just the Door Lord getting what was coming to him in the end, but his reaction BEFORE that was hilarious.

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